Coworking is the Future of Business

The days of working in a cramped cubicle are over for many people in today’s mobile work world. That has led to a rise of coworking spaces that allow for environments that are collaborative, inspiring and stimulating.

By 2020, The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 65 million Americans will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors or entrepreneurs, making up a full 40% of the workforce. Venture X provides an attractive opportunity for those workers who want to benefit from a rich work community.

Open Space and Higher Income Opportunities

Venture X’s unique combination of open space, mixed with higher revenue private offices, allows for higher income opportunities. Additional revenue can be generated from event hosting to further increase the bottom line of each location. Another potential revenue stream for Venture X franchisees is generated from the additional business services that will be provided at each location.

How it Works

Like other “sharing” industries, Venture X franchisees simply provide the modern work space, and members buy private memberships, giving them access to open areas or private offices – whichever they prefer. The private memberships will expand to all new locations, giving members immediate access to all locations and all other members. This provides a unique selling position compared to other one-off location concepts.

Many business models today are built on this collaborative concept, including transportation and vacation destination sharing. Venture X is at the forefront of this growing trend.

The Venture X Difference

Venture X is more than just a shared office space. It’s efficient. It’s collaborative. It sparks fresh ideas and fosters collaboration.

Not just for tech companies or start-ups, Venture X appeals to a wider membership base that includes working professionals, freelancers, remote workers and teams from large corporations.

The space itself is a blend of boutique hotel and modern office styles. Venture X features a higher design level than most spaces that lean less professional and more to a juvenile, playful design.

There’s something for everyone at Venture X. Wide open spaces for those who want ongoing collaboration, and private offices for those want a mix. The private offices have solid sound insulated walls with glass toward the open areas to maintain the collaborative culture. Ongoing events focus around social, education and entrepreneurship, helping workers to learn, network and grow their own businesses.

Franchises Available!

Venture X is a unique coworking opportunity and an outstanding franchise opportunity!
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