New findings from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Freelancers Union indicate 53 million American workers and growing are freelancers.

Fifty-three million Americans is over one-third of the labor force in the United States, which shows that this country is entering a new phase of labor and labor management.

This new phase has been called the “gig” economy because it allows both employers and employees more flexibility when it comes to scheduling work.

Why the Gig Economy Is Worth Your Investment

More flexibility in hiring is fantastic news for freelancers since it provides more autonomy, and businesses are embracing the new model as well.

Over half of global executives say that they plan to deal with more freelancers over the next five years, which demonstrates a shift away from salaried workers and toward an independent contractor model.

Cloud-based platforms like freelance management systems help established businesses coordinate the work activities of the freelancers who increasingly make up their workforces. What about freelancers themselves, though?

Put Your Investment Dollars to Good Use with an Office Franchise Opportunity

The Future of Business

Collaborative workspaces for freelancers—or workers who are employed by different organizations and want a sense of organization and synergy—are getting more popular for a number of reasons.

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of mobile workers will swell to 65 million Americans over the next four years. In a nutshell, that’s the future direction of business.

There are more freelancers, temps, and independent contractors like photographers and interpreters than ever before. Even entrepreneurs are sometimes considered part of this new mobile workforce.

Because there are more freelancers and entrepreneurs who could benefit from a conjoined workspace where they can choose to collaborate or pursue their own activities, there is an increased demand for coworking spaces.

Venture X and Thriving in Coworking Spaces

The Harvard Business Review found that freelancers and entrepreneurs working side by side in coworking spaces tended to show significantly higher productivity, more fruitful collaboration, and greater workplace satisfaction than salaried employees in ordinary offices. That Harvard study looked at coworking spaces that brought together freelancers, remote workers, and various independent contractors to find out why coworking spaces are so effective.

Studies show that coworking spaces are more positive work environments because the freelancers who come into work every day want to be there and are doing work that they’re passionate about.

You might have expected the latter because freelancers typically have the autonomy to choose the jobs that appeal to them. What you might not have expected is that diverse coworking spaces do away with work personas and other forms of efficiency-killing office politics.

This means that there’s far less stress around the office, more collaborative and genuinely helpful talk around the water cooler, and more efficiency since workers aren’t focused on promotions, demotions, and hearing things through the grapevine.

The Venture X Difference

Collaborative coworking spaces are giving freelancers and entrepreneurs more focus and a sense of community.

As an office franchise opportunity, Venture X is well positioned to capitalize on all of these benefits since it provides freelancers with membership-based open or private offices that they can secure for the length of a project or longer.

That kind of flexibility, coupled with unique benefits that Venture X offers (such as online networks, centralized cafe, 24/7 meeting room access, and concierge service), sets Venture X apart. Download a free franchise brochure here to learn more about this amazing office franchise opportunity.